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The Teenage Gem

Updated: Aug 8, 2019


I was honored to shoot with Camilla after she reached out to me to get help adding photos to her modeling portfolio. Shooting with Camilla felt like I was shooting a high end supermodel that I was just lucky to be in the presence of. The most surpising part was that this was her first time infront of the camera "professionally".

Her way of effortlessly blessing my lens came about by practicing different posing positions in her bathroom mirror. My surprise to this news was genuine. In my years of modeling and photography, I have never come across someone so talented and confident and kill their first photoshoot as if they were a veteran in the game.

I think what really did it for me was the simple fact that this latina mama was a TEENAGER. Don't get me wrong, I was well aware of this when she showed up ready for business with her entourage of brothers and father. However, her demenor, level of maturity and humor helped her come accross as someone you want to have around for a very long time. Knowing that someone so young was already so charasmatic, it was like I knew it would only be a matter of time before she would have the world at her knees.

It was then that I realized that this gal was the pure representation of a hidden gem. A hidden talent waiting patiently for the opportunity. Waiting for the opportunity for someone to grasp this gem and display it infront of the world.

What I loved the most about her is her level of confidence. She showed up to the photoshoot straight out of the shower with no makeup on. I wasn't even sure if she had chapstick on. She was as pure as she could get. I loved this because I was able to emphasize on this beauty by editing the photos in a way that allowed the little flaws that mother nature assigned to us to stand out and give meaning to the portraits. This set allowed me to express the Rawness of my feelings toward natural beauty. I put this set together so that I may use it to inspire others to embrace their natural self, and display the beauty of originality.

There's no doubt that someone as pure as she would be discovered, but I hope to speed up that process up a bit by writing this story so that others can meet and experience the talent that I was lucky to experience.

If you'd like more information on Camilla and how to get in touch with her, please send us a message on our CONTACT page.

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