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Big Chop 2018

Updated: Aug 8, 2019

Ever since moving to Florida from Tennessee it was very hard for me to find a GOOD African American hairstylist that actually understands the chemistry of hair and how to take care of it. Living in Nashville with my dad, I was lucky that he found a good hairstylist who has been seeing be regularly until my arrival to Orlando. After 3 years of unsuccessful attempts to locate a hairstylist who did my hair as well as my hairstylist in Tennessee, I decided to officially separate myself from my damaged hair. Unlike other breakups this one was easy. It was one I was looking forward to, literally could not wait. It all happened the morning of June 2, 2018. My friends and I were going on a beach trip. I bought a razor and showed up to my friend's home and asked them to shave my head. Of course none of us are barbers, so we youtube'd the process of how to shave a head. Unfortunately that did not work out, and before messing up on my cut, we took a trip to the local barber to play it safe. After 30 minutes and $12, I was officially a #baldie. That was by far the quickest and cheapest salon visit I have ever experienced and it was reassurance that I just might like this natural hair journey I am about to par take on.