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So You Want To Be A Model?

There is a universal assumption that being a model means that you are expected to be tall, slender and have the “perfect” facial structure. Conversely, there are girls out there who believe that being a model comes with a diva life full of fame, parties, travel and a high status life. Growing up with media like America’s Next Top Model, the Victoria’s Secret Fashion Show and Instagram, droves of girls much like yourself dream and focus your plans on beginning a career in modeling. We’re here to tell you the skills you need, the people you need to know, and the tips and tricks you will need to make it in the industry. Buckle up honey, because you’re about to learn what it takes for you to become a model- and yes you can.

Navigating The Modeling Industry

Before jumping head first without a direction, it’s important to understand the different levels, niches, and stages to the “model matrix”. Contrary to popular belief, there are more categories of modeling that the runway models on the runway. You might find that one of these areas of the industry fits you better than another. There are a few of the main levels of the modeling industry:

• High fashion

• Editorial Print

• Commercial Print

• Catalogue Modeling

• Plus Size Modeling

• Glamour Modeling

• Body Parts Models

• Influencer Models

It’s starts with you. You may have a particular “look” that fits in one market rather than the other. Perhaps you are photogenic and curvy, which would garner a higher rate of success in plus size modeling. If you have tattoos or body modifications go for a more alternative market.

Work on Yourself

A common assumption aspiring models make is that they think that they need to look “perfect” or “flawless” or they will not find success. This simply isn’t true, however, understand that in the modeling industry, looks DO matter. You don’t need to be 100% flawless (as we all have flaws), rather, focus on being the best person on the outside AND inside. A very essential and overlooked quality you will need to have is good energy. You can fake a lot of things, a tan, a hair color, confidence, but one thing you can’t fake is good energy. Have the kind of energy that attracts people and this will translate in your photoshoots. Here is your “Work On Me” Checklist:

• Exercising (hire a fitness trainer for a more advanced regimen)

• Eating a balanced diet of fruits, vegetables, grains, protein,

• Drinking 8 oz of water (your skin will glow!)

• Getting between 7-8 hours of sleep

• Sticking to a skincare routine for your skin type

Starting Your Portfolio

To start off your modeling portfolio, get basic headshots done. Keep it simple and minimal. For girls, keep makeup to a minimum, hairstyles should be simple (such as skinny jeans and a simple t shirt, keep your poses simple and in good taste. Remember, you are the focus on these snapshots, not the outfit, nor makeup or the studio.

Find a professional studio with a clean, modern style, and no backdrop. Our studios at Jessica Mellicellicent Photography are the perfect spot for your to get your headshots taken. Once your get your headshots done, this will be a good foundation to start your professional modeling portfolio.

Network, Network, Network!

We’ve all heard those stories of models getting “discovered” by talent scouts while at the mall or walking on the street. This does happen, but less often than we think. Here’s the key to success as a model, and any goal in general – opportunities will not fall out the sky and they sure as hell won’t just “happen”. Girl you are going to have to work, specifically, you need to put yourself out there. How does an aspiring model do that? Get out there, meet other models, photographers, model agencies, stylists, makeup artists and anyone else in the industry. Attend meetups, look for events and groups on Facebook, and go to networking events to name a few. Offer to do unpaid photoshoots and meetup with different photographers. Remember, dreams don’t work unless you do. So what are you waiting for?

Jessica Mellicent photography is located at 37 N Orange Ave Suite 603, Orlando, FL 32801, USA the heart of downtown Orlando. For more information on rates, booking check out at If you have any questions or comments, call us at (321) 318-6173 or email us at of our studio reps will help you.

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